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Corel procreate knockout 2.0

corel procreate knockout 2.0

The biggest new feature is therefore the context-sensitive Photoshop 6-style Property Bar which prompts you with appropriate tool options such as adding or subtracting from the current selection and choosing from a range of predefined zoom levels.
Where the edge is less clearly defined however, you need all the help you can get.
Does anyone know the difference?
However where Photoshop uses a brush to mark the transition area, KnockOut offers separate tools for defining the inner and outer borders complete with PushPin and Tweezer options for picking out individual sample pixels - ideal for making sure that fly-away hair is picked.Like Photoshop's Extract dialog, the KnockOut filter offers a dedicated masking environment complete with its own toolset.Where the foreground and background are clearly defined by a major shift in colour, this isn't too much of a problem as you can use the Magic Wand tool or Magnetic Lasso to create the selection.Also new are the Revert option that lets you discard unwanted changes and up to 99 levels of undo and redo.This includes a new polygonal mode that lets you define straight edges with a couple of clicks and options to automatically create an outside border based on the inside border and to automatically expand or contract the current selection.Save the masked object back to a layer and now, when you change the background, your masked object seamlessly becomes a realistic part of its new surroundings.System Requirements : Pentium 200 or higher, 128MB RAM, 30MB disk space, Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP or NT 4, 24-bit svga, CD-ROM, Adobe Photoshop 5 or higher (or compatible host).You can also use the Inside Shadow and Outside Shadow tool to preserve the transparency and realism of shadows and highlights.To begin with just what is it?Even so I'm under-whelmed by the new release.Essentially KnockOut is professional masking software used to pick out objects from existing images for use in photo-montages.KnockOut 2 now recognizes this and offers the Brush and Eraser Touchup tools which let you remove or restore edge areas.Superior masking engine but the new features are underwhelming.KnockOut 2's new Touchup tools let you tidy up your automatically created mask.A nice feature is that, as soon as you select one of the tools, the screen splits to let you work on either the original or the new masked version.The Extract command is already powerful so what more maxon c4d r13 keygen does KnockOut have to offer?Features 4, ease of Use 3, value for Money 2, overall 3 ratings out of 6, tom Arah.The new Property Bar makes it easier to mark up inside and outside borders.If you want your photo-compositions to look completely natural rather than clearly artificial, KnockOut is your best bet.You can find Procreate versions of Knockout 2 for 289.
Comparing how Photoshop and KnockOut coped with a number of real world test images showed that while the Extract command is easier to set up and manage, the end results weren't comparable - especially for more complex tasks such as masking hair and smoke.
So is there any reason why Photoshop users should pay out for KnockOut?